Application for Membership

I wish to submit my name for election as a member of Brough Golf Club, and I undertake, if elected, to accept and be bound by the Rules & Bye Laws of the Club. Before this form is completed & returned to the General Office, please read the notes below.

Notes to applicants for membership - Procedure

  1. Upon receipt of this form duly completed you will be asked to attend at the Club for a short interview with members of the appropriate sub-committee, which is the Membership Committee for male applicants (except in the case of applicants for Junior membership who will be interviewed by the General Office on behalf of the Membership Committee) and the Ladies Committee for female applicants.
  2. After the interview and following the receipt of any further information which may then have been required the Membership Committee (Ladies Committee) has then been authorised by the General Committee to decide whether or not to place your Application for Membership form in the Candidates for Membership book.
  3. If you are an applicant for playing membership and do not have a current golf handicap then before your application can proceed you may be required to satisfy the General Office that you can play to such minimum standard as he shall in his sole discretion consider necessary and that you have a basic knowledge of the rules and etiquette of the game.
  4. The General Committee will consider your application in due course and if your application is then granted you will be sent a subscription notice indicating the total fee payable. This will comprise:
    1. An entrance fee equivalent to one times the current rate of subscription for the category of membership for which you have made your application.
    2. The current subscription for your chosen category of membership.

NB Applicants for FULL Playing Membership

If you are an applicant to become a Full Playing Member there may be no vacancy in that category at the time at which the General Committee is considering your application. In that event if the General Committee would otherwise have been prepared to grant your application, if a vacancy had been available then you will be elected as a House Member of the Club and may enjoy all the rights of a House Member until you can be offered a vacancy as a Full Playing Member. During that waiting period you will be permitted to play two free rounds of golf at the Club for each full year, calculated from the date on which you were admitted as a House Member. You will be offered membership as a Full Playing Member as soon as a vacancy arises provided you have not in the interim withdrawn your application for Full Playing Membership and that that your membership as a House Member is still current.

Application Form


Men: If elected as a Playing Member, I will forthwith advise the General Office whether I propose to retain my Home Club or nominate Brough as my club for handicap purposes.

Ladies: If elected as a Playing Member I understand and accept that I will be required to nominate Brough as my club for handicap purposes.

A Proposer or Seconder must have been a Full Playing Member for at least 3 years.

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"A testing par 68 for the scratch player without being too difficult for the higher handicap." To which can be added, "An attractive course, with good golfing qualities, which makes it a pleasure to play... again... and again."


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You'll find that the clubhouse at Brough Golf Club is the ideal place to relax. You can enjoy good food and a wonderful range of beers, spirits and soft drinks.



If you need that bit of extra help with your game expert tuition by qualified PGA professionals can be arranged.

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Become a Member

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The coaching programme allows children from the age of 5 the opportunity to get started in golf in a friendly group environment with expert tuition from PGA qualified coaches.


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This attractive well stocked professional shop offers a wide range of quality golf clothing and equipment by leading manufactures

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A testing par 68 for the scratch player without being too difficult for the higher handicap.

"An attractive course, with good golfing qualities, which makes it a pleasure to play again and again."

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